How far will you go to meet your fitness goals? Likely, you will never settle for anything less than the best. What if your chosen clothing is made up of wasted plastic that was resting on the ocean floor harming marine life? The fresh lineup of Nebbia x Seaqual is fast becoming the talk of the town. By purchasing Nebbia Seaqual – you end up getting wearable that fits your needs. Not only that but it makes you a part of a much nobler plan – each Nebbia clothing, sports and gym wear, legging, shorts, mini bra, singlet you buy will help clean our oceans.

Helping the Environment

The Nebbia x Sequala is more than just a fitness clothing brand. It was carefully planned and was meant to serve a much bigger purpose. Every year, approximately 12 million ton of plastic is poured into Earth’s oceans. Retrieving it from the ocean floor is cumbersome and resource consuming. Nebbia x Seaqual is an attempt to keep the ecosystem and environment of the planet clean and green. Moreover, despite the laborious task of retrieving the wasted plastic and recycling it to meet the requirements, our quality and standards have only gone higher as can be seen in the Nebbia x Seaqual clothing products.

Join the Nebbia x Seaqual Club!

Gulfissimo is proud to be an exclusive partner of Nebbia here in Dubai, UAE. Nebbia has taken another step which truly shows the quality, innovativeness, and passion of their brand towards keeping a balanced ecosystem. Teaming up with a Spanish company called Seaqual company who works with fishermen and communities focused on eliminating ocean waste, Nebbia produce eco-friendly fitness wear- exactly 200g of plastic to produce a pair of leggings.

PET bottles are processed and recycled to produced 100% polyester fiber which share similarities with original polyester which worked extremely well in creating women’s gym and sportwear such as leggings, fitness shorts and tops.

Each item is a quality tested meeting every performance metric and style you had in mind.

Be part of the fit and green community and get your hands on this amazing fitness wear –

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