Leggings have always been a staple in our closets, owing to their comfort and flexibility. The versatile nature of leggings is why we can pair them with absolutely anything and come out looking effortlessly chic. But can leggings be business casual? A business casual setting can be leggings-friendly as long as you wear them with an elegant shirt and ballet flats or boots. If your office has a formal or corporate dress code, you’ll have to leave the leggings for the weekend, though.

But for the rest of us whose offices leave you leeway to experiment with leggings in businesses, these set of rules are an ideal way to make sure the leggings you are wearing to work remain under business casual, and will not break dress codes. Here we have two set of rules- one, how to wear leggings- and two, how NOT to wear leggings. Let these be your gospel and walk into your offices in sheer comfort.

The ‘How to Wear Leggings’ List :

  1. Dark colors for the win

Rule one of wearing leggings to work is to make sure they don’t stand out as leggings. They must blend in well with the rest of your workplace outfit. Colors like black, dark brown, dark gray have a professional air to them and can easily pass off as dress pants.
Another much beloved advantage of dark colored pants, or any dark clothing, is its flattering effect that it has on one’s body. And legs being the centre of consciousness in most women, dark pants only raise our confidence to the moon.

  1. Quality is everything

No matter how dark the leggings are, a poor quality and condition of your leggings can ruin the overall impression made. Some points to consider maybe-

    • Are they thinning in any areas that might be deemed over-exposed for a workplace?
    • Can you see through them in brightly lit rooms or when you sit down?
    • Do they sit firmly at your waist or risk exposing your abdomen?

A good quality pair of leggings would also allow enough flexibility and bodily movement to give you utmost comfort in a business casual setting. Make sure that wearing leggings to work only increases your comfort level and not your anxiety about how “right” they look at a workplace.

3. Top it off well

As comfy as leggings can be, their tendency to cling to the body isn’t new. This might be a little too out of place for work environments. Especially in work places where the dress code edges on traditionally professional, we wouldn’t want to come across as uncooperative.

In such cases, wearing a loose tee or a tunic or even a shirt that falls past your hips can undo the clingy quotient while maintaining the cozy quotient.

4. Layer your look

Leggings are only as casual as you want them to be. Layers could be added depending on one’s comfort or even the weather. Too cold? Layer on a sweater or a cardigan. Too hot? Put on a cotton or jean jacket and you are good to go.
Pair your business casual leggings with a tailored jacket or a blazer and look perfectly professional. Layer these on further with a belt and take attention away from the casual leggings to the blazers that are ready to win the world.

5. Stand up and stand well

Worried that the leggings might make you look haphazard? Pair your work leggings with a heels or a good pair of boots to look put-together. Not only does this take attention further away from your leggings but also does it make your legs look miles longer.

A pro tip would be to match your heels with your leggings to blend the two, only enhancing that ‘legs for days’ look.

6. Accessorize

If you’re still worried that your leggings look just isn’t professional enough to get you through the door, try adding a piece of statement jewellery to amp the fancy factor. Layer a few long necklaces over a tunic or add some oversized hoops to your leggings and jacket combo. Pairing a studded choker and rings is our favourite way to seize the day in our business casual leggings.

7. Dress it up

Pairing those sundresses with leggings is the ideal way to incorporate dresses in your work attire. Replace the dress with bulky sweater or jackets as the temperatures soar low to keep you looking suave while being warm and cozy.
As long as the said dress or sweater is appropriate for the work environment, you are good to go.

8. Put extra effort into your hair & makeup

Wearing leggings to work is a privilege that comes at a price of looking too casual. We don’t want to be mistaken to have a careless attitude just because we choose comfort. Letting your hair and makeup do the talking is what comes to our rescue. A messy pony or a messy bun might save you minutes in the morning but a more polished look is what will save your day while letting you settle in your leggings for the day.

The ‘How No to Wear Leggings’ List:

1. Activewear are not for work

Do not wear gym leggings to the office. They have a different fit and material to them, which would neither be comfortable, nor would be deemed appropriate for work.

2. No show cause

Let business casual stay business casual and let long loose tees and thick leggings help you stay comfy while maintaining the business dress code.

3. Avoid bright colors

Make sure to wear neutral colored leggings, and pair them with the right shoes. Avoid bright colors or prints, as they can make the leggings appear more casual. Dark colored leggings tend to look the most formal.

4. No low rise

Do not choose ‘low rise’ leggings that will reveal part of your tummy. Make sure the leggings are a right fit and cover the abdominal area completely.

How to dress leggings up for work?

With all our dos and don’ts in place, we can now dive into how to wear leggings for an effortlessly comfortable business casual look.

  1. Blanket cardigan

The perfect combination that is loose on the top, effectively hides your leggings, is work friendly and keeps you warm all day! You either layer your top with a cardigan or a shawl, cinched tight at the waist. Seal the deal with a pair of boots to add that chic quotient.

  1. With a long shirt & boots

A long loose shirt, or a shirtdress if you please, can jazz up a leggings outfit. Adding a belt or an accessory around the waist can accentuate the waist, to not let the look be too flowy. A pair of muted pumps will take the attention away from the leggings.

  1. Leggings with knee boots

Wearing form-fitting bottoms with knee or over the knee boots is best. Pairing a pair of knee boots over leggings, stylishly takes the attention away from the leggings. Topping it off with a loose top like a tunic or a cardigan will keep things casual yet chic.

Workplaces are hard to endure as is, 5-6 days a week. Leggings let us be comfortable in our own skin, thus allowing us to work better and deliver more at our work places. Wearing leggings in business casual settings might involve a lot of do’s and don’ts but the ultimate result of comfort and flexibility is all worth the effort.

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