Selecting the best workout clothes for women with the right fabric, fit, outfit, and colour is the first step towards a successful fitness routine. Fitness is at the top of almost everybody’s priorities in today’s busy world. More so, women too are putting themselves first by taking the reins of control over their health. Workouts, yoga, swimming – are a few activities women are turning to in order to transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one. If you are such a woman, we congratulate you on getting started on the right path.  However, do you find yourself tugging at your tight t-shirt or tucking away a loose end of our outfit at the gym? Is your focus shifting due to the saggy leggings that get in your way when you are working out hard? Distractions and discomfort are two obstacles that taunt your determination while you are in hot pursuit after fitness.  The solution to your problems is the right activewear. You may be having a wardrobe full of gym clothes. But the question is – are they right for you?  In this blog, let’s try to find out how you can select the best workout clothes by discussing each element there is to gym wear.

1. Fabric: 

The choice of fabric is key to comfort. Although there are several options for you to choose from, it is important to try on and see if it offers the right comfort to you (especially when you are physically pushing yourself while working out).  In addition to comfort, here are a few points to keep in mind while selecting your workout gear’s fabric –
  • It must be lightweight.
  • It should have a fast-drying capability.
  • It should be non-restrictive and flexible allowing you to move easily.
  • It has to be breathable to facilitate good air circulation.
  • It helps if it is odor resistant.
  • It has to be durable.

Fabric options for workout clothes:

  • Synthetic fabrics:
These fabrics offer durable and are known to wick sweat off of you while you work out. Nylon, acrylic, and polyester are a few names that fall in this fabric category. If you choose to purchase work out clothes with synthetic fabrics, you can go all out with your workouts as the fabric can withstand wear and tear. Also, it’s wash routine is rather simple – wash, dry, no need for ironing. The flipside of synthetic fabrics is that they are not as absorbent as other options you have such as cotton.
  • Synthetic and spandex blend:
Workout clothes made with such hybrid material offer you the benefits of both fabric types. The benefits you can derive here is durability, stretchability, and a snug fit. They are popularly used in the making of comfortable shorts and tights.
  • Cotton:
Although many women don’t choose to use a 100% cotton gym outfit for a workout, the option is still available for those who wish to use them. The reason many don’t prefer cotton is that it absorbs sweat easily but thereafter, becomes heavy, shrink, and sticky. 
  • Cotton and synthetic blend:
By opting for a blend, you will get to work out in a wrinkle-free yet breathable gym outfit. Also, they eliminate the drawbacks of 100% cotton outfits making it a better option.
  • Triple blends:
Triple blends of cotton, polyester, and spandex that offer good absorbency and comfort. However, they are not as durable as other fabrics.  Instead, choose gym outfits with triple blends of cotton, spandex, and nylon as they offer comfort, durability, and moisture-wicking capability.
  • Microfleece:
Sweatshirts and sweatpants that are lined with microfleece are one of the best workout outfits you can own. In the colder season, you can choose workout wear made of this fabric as they are smooth on the outside while being warm and absorbent on the inside.
  • Mesh knits:
Mesh knits are added to workout outfits to increase the level of comfort by increasing ventilation capability. Mesh knits are included on the sides of arms, back, and parts of workout pants to improve air circulation.
  • Performance fabrics offered by brands:
There are plenty of brands that are offering gym outfits made out of patented fabrics. These fabrics are excellent for intensive workout routine followers and are known to offer a cool feel, quick-dry, and snug fit features. An example of a branded gym outfit is Nike’s Dri-FIT outfits.

2. Fit:

After you decide on which fabric works best for you, the next point to consider is the fit. While selecting the best workout outfit for your gym routine, it’s important that you ensure that 
  • It fits your body perfectly. 
  • The outfit matches the workout you have planned.
    • Yoga – Stretchable, snug fit workout wear that has good sweat wicking capability. The same works out well for Pilates as well. 
    • Sprint and biking – In these cases, choose well-fitted cycling shorts that are durable and absorbent. 
    • Regular gym – You can opt for outfits with absorbency, stretchability, and flexibility capabilities. 
Pro-tip to find the right fit for you: Try the workout wear and check if it meets all your exercising requirements. Trying out the outfit is the best way to know!

3. Outfit: 

The location of your workout also has a bearing on your what-to-wear decision. If you are to work out in a fitness station or a gym, your choice of outfit will be different from a hiking or biking activity.  Let’s take a quick look at individual articles of workout wear to help in choosing the right outfit for you.

a. Workout tee:

While selecting T-shirts for you work out, ensure that you choose a breathable, flexible, snug fit top to guarantee ease of movement and comfort (sweat-wicking capability will ensure comfort). It is important to ensure that heat is not trapped up so as to allow your skin to breathe even when you are in the midst of an intense workout. Choose the right fabric based on the points listed above and ensure that the tee fits you perfectly by trying it on.

b. Workout legging:

While deciding on workout bottoms, you will have to check for flexibility. In addition to flexibility, be sure that your legging fits right – not too loose but also not too tight, as your movement will be restricted. You can choose gym shorts, sweat pants, track pants, or yoga pants based on the exercise routine you have planned for yourself.

c. Inners:

Choosing the right workout outfit is an important decision to make. However, selecting the right inners to wear along with your chosen outfit is imperative. Hence, investing in a sports bra that offers maximum support and flexibility. 

 d. Accessories: 

Gym footwear is part of your workout clothes and choosing the right pair of socks and shoes can revolutionize your workout experience. Additionally, it can also prevent injury. Hence, take time to try on shoes and don’t shy away from investing in buying a pair of comfortable, quality footwear for your gym visits.

4. Colors:

Colors are known to impact a person’s psychology positively or adversely. However, you might be surprised to know that colours also affect your physical ability to work out.  For instance, if you sweat extensively, you may have to sacrifice activewear in black. Although black activewear is available in abundance and they also tend to look amazing on you, consider letting them go! On the other hand, Red is said to help in prepping your mind for a high-intensity workout as it can up your heart rate. So, for a high-frequency circuit training, Go RED! For yoga, you can go for neutral hues – pastel yellow, blue, peach, and green. The pastel colors are known to calm you down, easing you from any stress and frustration you might be carrying on your shoulders.  If you can strike the right chord in terms of fabric, fit, outfit, and color, you will be able to work out effectively.  This is a mighty feat on its own!  However, you can top this feat by looking at your very best while at it! What other features should you look for in your activewear? In addition to the stretchability, flexibility, and moisture-wicking capability that workout wear comes with, there are a few more features that modern-day activewear offers.   Anti-bacterial gym wear: Where there is sweat, there are germs! If you are a germaphobe or just hygiene conscious, you can opt to buy anti-bacterial outfits. These outfits can also prevent infections that excessive sweating can cause. Thermoregulation: The weather conditions of the place you live in is one of the factors that you need to take into account while deciding on your activewear. If you live in extreme conditions, you will have to dress accordingly. In hot conditions, you can choose gym wear that is more absorbent and has mesh attached. On the other hand, in cold conditions, you can choose to dress up in multiple layers to keep warm.  Wearing thermoregulated activewear is the best option in such extreme climatic conditions.

Final thoughts:

Selecting work out clothes is not just a quick visit to the sports store anymore. It’s way more than that! A lot goes not to make your fitness routine a success; and selecting the right activewear is one of the critical fitness decisions you will have to make. Keeping in mind the fabric, fit, outfit, and color framework will get you started on the right track. 

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