Yes, we hear you! The dreadful weather of our beloved city has started but, do not let it get in your way in maintaining your fitness and active lifestyle. I am sure that we all have been looking forward to going outside since Dubai announced that we are now ready to face the world again and though the weather is now painful. We have got some tips to get you through it.

Whether you are heading out for a power walk, running, or working out, you need to be watchful and careful of extreme temperature and air quality. Extreme heat can do you more harm than just sunburn and that is not to scare you at all. It can cause an unwanted and undesirable impact on your body which can later cause serious illnesses to your skin and respiratory system.

Change Your Workout Session and Location

With the sun burning high in the sky, it is highly recommended for you to workout indoors. Once you have worked out, all you must do is just relax with a cold drink and feel satisfied that you did not let the heat stop you from working out.

There are many different exercises that you can perform without stepping out in the sun. Check out the different guided training apps available online or watch workout video on YouTube based on your liking to make your session more interesting.

If you are one of those who do not find satisfaction indoors, then opt for early mornings or late evening to keep your performance steady throughout your session. You can also split your workouts to manage your time better.

Stay Hydrated and Protected from The Sun

As cliché as this gets, increase your water intake on hot season. It is recommended to have at least 2 litres per day but there is no harm in hydrating yourself even more especially if you are highly active and outdoors most time.

If you can, check the UV index to apply the right sunscreen protection for your skin. In Dubai, the average UV index from April to August is 12 which means an excessive health risk from sun exposure. Unless you are looking to tan, it is recommended to at least apply SPF 30 every 2 hours.

Choose The Right Material For Your Activewear

It is highly recommended for you to stay cool by wearing lightweight and loose-fitting clothes. Dark colours that absorb heat should always be avoided. Remember, there is a lot more than workout clothes do than simply make you look good. If anything, wearing the right clothes can increase the efficiency of your sweat session, so make sure that you choose the right activewear made of the right material. In this case, clothing made of mesh is the perfect option for most as it allows extra airflow. Wicking clothes are also a wonderful option as these pull away moisture from the skin and are lightweight, thereby being able to make you feel cooler.

A few of the best clothes that you can wear when working out in the heat include:

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