The world of fashion is a world of constant change, a world where one has to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends the beginning of a few trends and the end of others. One such ever-lasting trend is of the leggings. But is their time now over? Are leggings out of fashion in 2021?

And the answer is an emphatic NO! As versatile as leggings can be, they will not go out of fashion or out of our daily essentials for the longest foreseeable future. Be it formal occasions or a very informal, casual party, or the most relaxing of settings, or an intense workout session– there’s a legging suitable for each of these tasks, for optimum comfort.
Their versatility is owing to many key characteristics including:

Types of leggings

As the long list of choices in leggings comes into question, here are a few types of leggings for you to choose from

  1. Ankle-length leggings
  2. Knee-length leggings
  3. Mid-calf leggings
  4. Footed leggings
  5. Thermo compression leggings
  6. Anti-Cellulite Compression Leggings
  7. Ripped leggings
  8. Treggings
  9. Colored leggings
  10. Leather leggings
  11. Woollen leggings
  12. Jeggings
  13. Nylon leggings

How to wear leggings?

With a variety that vast, it is but natural to wonder- ‘How to wear a pair of leggings?’ First off, leggings are the easiest piece of clothing to pull off. They can make an outfit on their own, be a statement piece of the outfit, or stand by and let the top take centre stage. Some of their many combinations would be:

  1. Leggings with T-shirts
    Be it a rocking party or a cozy sleepover, the leggings and tshirt combination will never fail you. Whether matching a colored leggings with a muted tee or a monochromatic leggings with a funky top, the leggings always balance out the tone of an outfit. Even as office wear, a sturdy pair of treggings or jeggings will make you look ready to go get it! Only word of caution is to make sure you cover the waistband of the leggings with your top to avoid overstepping into the casual outfit arena.
  2. Leggings with Jeans
    A pair of jeggings can look phenomenal with a Jean top or a Jean jacket over it. Up the cool quotient by adding a sparkly belt and you’re good to go! Complete this all-denim look with a dash of brown from a pair of cowboy boots and you’ve yourself the perfect outfit!
  3. Leggings with dresses
    Pairing a sundress or a shirtdress with a pair of tight leggings is the only way to welcome the summers! The extra comfort and coverage provided by the leggings lets you wear your favourite dresses during the harsh winter cold too!

  4. Leggings with oversized tops
    This one is our favoritewinter nightoutfits! Pair a warm sweater or a hoodie or a plain jumper with thermal leggings lined with fleece or wool and you are ready for a cozy night in. Or take the other road and pair these tights with a loose but a bright statement t-shirt and paint the town red for the night!
  1. Leggings with Active Wear
    Utilise the tightness and the stretch-ability of a good pair of leggings, paired with a sports bra or any active wear top and sweat it out at a healthy workout session. The anti-slip provided by these nylon leggings are optimum for those intense workouts.
  2. Leggings with skirts
    Add a casual and feminine touch to your outfit by pairing a sleek skirt on a pair of leggings or tights. A popular combination is of black opaque tights with a skater skirt, paired with a contrasting top.

As versatile as leggings have ever been, and as comfortable, they will always be a basic staple in every person’s closet that prefers feminine clothing. A basic staple that can be a statement piece on its own, is why leggings will always be in fashion and in our daily routines.

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